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There’s a lot they don’t tell you about being a woman in DC. I recently conducted an informal survey (i.e., posted on my Twitter) to ask my fellow Washingtonians what they wish they knew before they started their lives here.

I got responses about everything from pantyhose to pervy coworkers — the real issues facing women, amiright?

I’ve lived in the DMV since 2018 and have survived toxic bosses, dealt with crazy living situations and helped my friends navigate the … how do I say this politely … unique dating pool. I also found my dream job, amazing friends, and, most importantly, the love of my life (sappy, I know!).

My main influences are Cat Marnell, Candace Bushnell and the Red Scare podcast, so please don’t expect this newsletter to be Emily Post or Dear Abby. Instead, I want to bring you the unfiltered advice (and a little gossip and fashion, too) I wish I had a few years ago.

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The author doing her best “thrift store Jackie O” impression.

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